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I provide Quality Therapy Services for adults, young people, families and children.

When I meet a new client, I begin by conducting a thorough assessment in order to get to know the client and understand the nature of each person’s unique challenge. This time also gives each person the opportunity to get to know me and together we get to tackle the difficulties in one’s life.

During this therapeutic process I am able to draw on extensive training and professional development that I have engaged in over many years. I am well resourced and qualified to assist people with complex psychological and relational difficulties.

Through this therapeutic relationship we can work towards something better for each person in their personal, professional and/or family lives.

Buddhism for Psychologists

Additional to my private practice, I also provide Online Personal and Professional Development Programs for Psychologists and Psychotherapists who have an interest in Buddhism. People are curious to see what Buddhism can offer them in their personal lives or in their work with clients. Please visit buddhism-psychology.com for more information.

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